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Jacob was a descendant of the 1614 Martyr, Hans Landis of Canton, Zurich, Hirzel, Switzerland. At the time of his birth this part of Steinsfurt, Germany was actually part of Switzerland.

The Mennonite Jacob Landis married Anna Witmer about 1688 in Zurich, Switzerland. Jacob knew her family growing up as he lived on a farm in the neighborhood.

Jacob's family immigrated during 1717 and then in 1722 they bought farm land in Lancaster Co., PA and relocated one last time.

The rest of Anna & Jacob's lives were spent on their farm of 200 acres on both sides of what is now know as "The Old Road".

Their son Benjamin was the first Mennonite preacher in the area and where they lived became the center of the Mellinger church activities.

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Hans Jacob Landis
353 Switzerland
1 1730
290 63 Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania, USA
Saturday, April 25, 2015 9:07 AM
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