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I) Clement of Toft, Lincolnshire, England. He was the father of II) William Clement, of Wissingsett, Norfolkshire, to whom in the reign of Queen Elizabeth, in the year 1563, the Family Arms were granted by the visitation of Norfolk,. made by William Harvey, Clarencieux King of Arms, South of Trent.. and confirmed by John Raven, Richmond Herald. in the year 1613. The wife of William Clement was one Arm Nernon. They had three children, George, Thomas and Edmund. III) George Clement, married Audry Denny daughter of John Denny, of Chishunt, and widow of John Haydon, of Longham. IV) George Clement, son of George and Audry, became Puritans and together with ten or twelve, others were beheaded in the year 1660, upon the restoration of the crown to Charles, for having signed with Oliver Cromwell and fifty-seven others, the warrant for the execution of Charles the First, 1648. They had a son Jacob. V) Jacob Clement, born 1651, was nine years old when his father, George Clement, was beheaded. He and his elder brother John also became Puritans and when Jacob was eighteen years of age, the two brothers came out to America in 1669. Jacob afterwards returned to England and in 1677 he was married there to a woman whose Christian name only has been recorded, Mary. The records show that on account of religious persecution Jacob and his wife, Mary, crossed over to Holland, where they made their home. In Holland the name was changed from the original Norman form to the Dutch form, "Clemens." They had three sons, Gerhard, John and Jacob. Tradition says that John was a merchant and unmarried and settled in New York. Tradition also says that Jacob located somewhere in Chester County, Pa. Very little is known of his descendents, only that there are Clemences there that have not as yet been connected with the family. VI) Gerhard Clemens arrived in America and was in New -York for a little while. In 1709 he came to Lower Salford, and in 1718 he purchased a tract of land containing 300 acres. He purchased land adjoining his 300 acres until he was the owner of 690 acres which he claimed as his own, and which was confirmed to him by a patent dated the 15th day of April, 1734. Here he built his home and had for his neighbors Andrew Lederach, Dielman Kolb and Hans Ulrich Berge. The original homestead is now in possession of Rhine Clemens, of the seventh generation from Gerhard. Only the Christian name of Gerhard Clemens wife is known, ANN. Gerhard and Ann Clemens had three sons and two daughters, Abraham, John, Jacob, Ann and the wife of George Wagley. VII) Abraham Clemens married Catharine Bachman, daughter of George and Maria Schnebley Bachman. They had ten children, George, Abraham, Jacob, Gerhard, Ann, Mary, Catharine, Elizabeth. Susanna and Hester.

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