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Immigration: 01 Oct 1754, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA


Christian possibly immigrated to America in 1754. He settled in western Berks County near present-day Adamstown, PA. His wife's name, possibly his second wife's name, was Anna Schoenauer, but that is not certain. He left Grosshochstetten after 1733. He was living at Corgemont, Courtelary district, Jura, Switzerland on February 23, 1745. In the records of Corgemont in 1745 it states that he is 38 years old and his wife was 35 and that they are Anabaptists. In 1745, their children were: Christian, age 10, Daniel, age 5, Benedict, age 11 months and Anne, age 12. He left for Pennsylvania in 1754 and arrived on the ship " Phoenix", October 1, 1754, with Christian Gauman Jr. and Johan Gauman. He was of Oberthal when he married Anna Berger. According to records of Signau, Bern Christian had a half-brother named Benedict Gaumann who was living at Granfelden In Munstertal, Basel when he was present at Signau, at the reading of the accounts of his sister-in-law, Anna Schonauer, who was living in Pennsylvania on December 5, 1793

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Christian Gehman
February 13, 1706
316 Grosshoechstetten, Bern, Switzerland
1 April 14, 1789
233 83 Pennsylvania, USA
Sunday, May 3, 2015 8:12 AM
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