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hired 3/14/1634 at Mortagne by Robert Giffard. Given the rear part of the fief of LaCloutiererie in Beauport, Quebec on the same date. He subsequently sold it to Nicolas Dupont on 12/20/1670. the details of Zacherie's ancestors and family are available on "MSGCG, P.106-113" Set sail from the port of Dieppe in mid-April, 1634, accompanied by his family. The fleet consisted of four ships under the command of DUPLESSIS-BOCHARD. Arrived in Quebec on June 4th, 1634. Helped to establish the fort at Beauport. On 2/3/1637 he was granted 1000 arpents of land at Beauport, situated on the St Lawrence River, with two-tenths of a mile frontage on the river, extending north for four and 6/10 miles. Zacharie Cloutier was thought to have been born at Mortagne au Perche a small hamlet about 150 kilometres southwest of Paris, France, the son of Denis Cloutier and Renee Briere. He was one of seven siblings and through the second marriage of his father after the death of Renee, he had three additional step siblings. At the age of 28, Zacharie married Xainte Dupont in the year 1616. Together they raised six children, Zacharie II and five other children. It was about the year 1632 when Robert Giffard, who had previously sailed to New France with Samuel D. Champlain, came to Mortagne to recruit settlers for his Seigneurie in New France. Intrigued by the option, Cloutier a master carpenter, sailed in the year 1634 along with his family to New France. After a two year period of working for Giffard, Zacharie took possesion of the 'fief' granted to them by Giffard and named it 'La Clouterie'. On 18 Jul 1616, Zacharie, the oldest son, married Sainte (also Xainte) Dupart at St. Jean de Mortagne au perche, Departement de l'Orne, France. Sainte had been born at Feings in 1596 and was the widow of Michel Lermusier. Zacharie and Sainte had six children while still living in Mortagne. They were: Zacherie, 1617; Jean, 1620, Xaintes, 1622; Anne, 1626; Charles, 1629 and Louise, 1632. Little Zainte died 19 Sept 1632. Thus five children accompanied their parents to New France. Zacharie signed a contract of servitude with surgeon Robert Gifford, on 14 Mar 1634 and it was stipulated that Gifford would pay passage plus food and lodging in Canada for a period of three years. Each man would be given a few head of livestock plus one thousand arpends of land with the right to build on it, in addition to the right to hunt, fish and trade with the Indians. By 22 Jul 1634, the master carpenter Zacharie Cloutier and master-mason Jean Guyon were hard at work constructing a manor house for their lord, a parish church and Fort St-Louis in Québec. On 27 Jul 1636, Zacharie made a marriage contract with Robert Drouin for him to marry Anne, Zacharie's ten and a half year old daughter, with the agreement that the marriage would not be consummated until Anne was thirteen. Zacherie prospered in Quebec, acquiring land and money until his death on 17 Nov 1677. Xainte died three years later on 14 Jul 1680.

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Zacharie Cloutier
433 St. Jean, Perche, France
1 September 17, 1677
345 87 Chateau-Richer, Montmorancy, Quebec, Canada
Sunday, December 9, 2007 12:41 PM
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