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Nicolas Lebel was born at Illeville-on-Monfort, in the parish Saint-Légier and Saint-Louis, the diocese of Rouen, in Normandy. He was the son of Clement Lebel and Francoise Lagnel. About 1661, at 28 years old, he arrives at Canada and is established in Castle-Richer, on the coast of Bowsprit, close to Quebec. It is in this place that he marries, November 28, 1662, Marie Drouin, 12 years and 2 months old, daughter of Robert Drouin and Marie Chapelier, colonists of the Coast of Bowsprit. Marie was not to remain a long time in this world. She drowned in the Rivière-aux-chiens and was buried at Castle-Richer, May 2, 1664. No child had been born from this union. April 2, 1665, Nicolas Lebel remarried Marie-Thérèse Mignot, daughter of Jean Mignot-known as-Châtillon and Louise Cloutier, inhabitants of Beauport. Marie-Thérèse was 13 years old. A marriage contract had been signed on March 20, 1665, in front of the Auber notary. September 30, 1676, Nicolas and Thérèse sold their ground at Castle-Richer to Pierre Gagnon and left to be established at the Grande Anse (Pocatière) with the father of Thérèse, Jean Mignot-Châtillon and three of their brothers-in-law: Christmas Furrier, Jean Gurnard and Guillaume Lizot. In 1677, the family counted four children; Jean (1670), Angelica (1672), Nicolas (1675) and Joseph (1677). Nicolas will however not live a long time on his ground at the Grande Anse since he was to leave this world during the winter 1678. He was then 45 years old and was buried in the cemetery of the River-Ouelle. Marie-Thérèse, become widowed with very young children, she was remarried at Grande Anse, February 6, 1679, with Rene Ouellet, widower of Anne Rivet. Thus the name of Lebel was established in America. Source: Jean Lebel. Translated by Archie Delange References : 170 - "Nicolas Lebel - Ancêtre des Lebel d'Amérique", Jean Lebel, Site Web: www.genealogie.org/ancetres/lebel.htm, 1997, Le Centre de généalogie francophone d'Amérique

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Nicolas Lebel
about 1631
392 Dynille, Rouen, Normandy, France
1 May 2, 1678
344 47 Ste-Anne-de-La-Pocatière, Kamouraska, Quebec, Canada
Sunday, December 9, 2007 12:06 PM
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