(Research):?? Died : 1772

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(Research):?? Died : 1772 ?? Married : 1739

Lived with brother Christopher Reasoner and his family until about 1725, then traveled to Pennsylvania (Bucks County) where he joined the Joist Hite Group. Left Pennsylvania in 1730/31 for Virginia. Resided in Prince George County, Maryland in 1747. On 23 October 1748, Nicholas purchased Lot #3 on Patterson Creek, Hampshire County, Virginia from Lord Fairfax. George Washington surveyed this area. General Washington would later in letters instruct his officers to bivouac (camp outdoors) their troops on Nicholas' plantation as a defense against French-inspired Indian attacks. Just 5 miles west of his home, on a stream called Mike's Run, lived Thomas Hanks, grandfather of Abraham Lincoln. Daniel Boone's wife Rebecca Bryan also grew up in this area.

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Nicholas Reasoner
about 1697
326 Alsace, Germany
4 1771
252 74 Patterson Creek, Hampshire, Virginia, USA
Tuesday, January 24, 2006 4:58 PM
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