Paul Sears, 16371707 (aged 70 years)

Paul /Sears/
Given names
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Family with parents
Birth: 1585 24Amsterdam, Netherlands
Death: August 26, 1676Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
Birth: 1603Queen Camel, Somerset, England
Death: March 19, 1678Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts, USA
Marriage Marriageabout 1632Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts, USA
5 years
Birth: February 20, 1637 52 34Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
Death: February 20, 1707Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts, USA
3 years
younger sister
Birth: September 1639 54 36Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
Death: August 17, 1732Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts, USA
Family with Deborah Willard
Birth: February 20, 1637 52 34Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
Death: February 20, 1707Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts, USA
Christening: September 14, 1645 30Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
Death: May 13, 1721Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
Marriage Marriageabout 1658Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts, USA
5 years
Birth: January 3, 1663 25 17Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts, USA
Death: January 8, 1741West Brewster, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts, USA
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Paul Sears took the oath of "Fidellyte" in 1657, held a commission as a captain in the militia, and made claim for a horse lost in Narragansett war, but I find no record of his services. October 30, 1667, he was one of the grand jury, in an inquest held on the child of Nicholas Nickerson. He was one of the original proprietors of lands in Harwich, between Bound and Stony brooks, known as "Wing's Purchase," as appears by deed of John Wing et als., to Paul Seers et als., dated April 16,1677, recorded at Plymouth. The early town records of Yarmouth were destroyed by fire at the burning of the town clerk's house in 1674, and from the succeeding volume the first twenty- six pages are gone, and others mutilated and worn. The names and dates of birth of his children have been supplied from various sources, and are believed to be correct. I annex copies of the will and inventory of Paul Sears;- the will is signed with his mark, as is also the inventory of John Burge's estate, rendered by him and recorded Barns. Rec II, 1701, p130. He left property valued at L 467 03 03, to his "loving wife Deborah," and to his sons, "Samuel, Paul and John;" that to his sons being charged with a payment to "their brothers, Richard and Daniel, towards their purchase of lands at Manamoy;" having given to his daughters, (whose names are unfortunately omitted) "such parts or portions as I was able or thought fitt." In the ancient cemetery in Yarmouth lies a stone slab, removed from its place to make room for the granite monument to the Searses, which bears the following inscription, surmounted by a cherub's head and scroll work: Here lyes the Body of Paul Sears, who Departed this life February ye 20th 1707, in ye 70th year of his age." It is the oldest dated memorial in the cemetery. His wife was doubtless laid by his side, but there is no stone to her memory. George Willard, the father of Paul Sears' wife, was the son of Richard and Joane (Morebread) W., of Horsmonden, Kent, Eng., where he was bap. Dec. 4, 1614. he settled at Scituate for a time, removing thence it is said to Maryland or Gorgeane Maine. There is some reason to believe that his wife was Dorothy Dunster, dau. of Henry D., of Baleholt, near Bury, Lanc., sister to Eliz'h D., who m. his bro. Simon Willard; and to Rev. Henry D., Pres. of Harvard College. [See Willard Mem., 1858, p. 339] Paul Sears was the first to adopt the present spelling of SEARS. In the name of God, Amen, the Twentieth Day of February, 1707-8. I, Paul Sears, Senr. of yarmouth, in ye County of Barnstable, in New England, being at this time ill and weak in body but of Disposing mind and memory, Praised be God, Do make, Constitute, ordain and Declare this my Last Will and Testament, in manner and form following: First, and principally. I Comitt my soul to God, most humbly depending upon the gracious Death and merits of Jesus Christ my only Lord and Saviour for Salvation, and to the free pardon of all my sins. And my Body to the Earth to be buryed in such Decent Christian manner as to my Executors hereafter named shall be thought fitt. And as for my outward Estate, as Lands, Chattels and Goods, I do order Give and Dispose in manner and form following; First, - I will that all those Debts and Duties that I owe in Right or Conscience To any perosn whatsoever shall be truly paid in convenient time, after my Decease by my Executors hereafter named, out of my movable Estate. Item,- I do give and bequeeath to my eldest son Samuel Sears, all that my land and meadow in the township of Harwich upon part whereof his house now stands as is comprehended within and between the boundaries now following: (that is to say ,) bounded on the east by Kenelm Winslows Land at ye known and accustomed bounds and on the west side beginning at a remarkable rock, (lying about four Rods eastward from Yarmouth bound Rock at bound brook,) and from the sd Remarkable Rock the line runs Southerly over the Swamp and up ye hill to a great Pine tree marked in sd Yarmouth line: and thence up ye same straight line Southerly to the highway: and thence eastward as the way runs to ye said Winslows Land, (the sd highway being the bounds on ye south side) And the beginning again att ye sd Remarkable Rock the line runs norhterly to a stone sett in ye ground: and thence easterly to the edge of ye marsh by a straight line to another stone sett in to the ground, and so bounded by the marsh to another stone sett in the ground northerly on a straight line to a bend of ye main Creek at a stone sett in the Maresh, and on the north side tis bounded by tyhe known and accustomed bounds and of my interest in the undivided lands in sd Harwich, viz.: that is my sd son Saml. shall sixteen acres to himself in ye next Division(ye proprietors make of the undivided Lands) and the one half of all the rest of my interest there. All which sd Lands and Meadows shall be to my sd son Samuel Sears, and to his heirs and assigns forever, he yielding to his mother, my wife, one third part of ye proffits thereof during her natural life, and also paying to his two brothers Richard and Daniel, forty and two pounds in money towards the paying their purchase at Manamoy. I do give him my Try pott and Kettle. It.- I do give and bequeath to my son Paul Sears and to his heirs and assigns forever, one piece of fresh meadow called the Green Meadow which lyeth on the north side of my old house and is bounded eastward at ye Well or Spring, then westward taking in all ye Marsh or ground to ye old cartway (which leads into ye neck) on Joseph Sears fence: thence northeastward as the old sd cartway and fence runs to Zachariah Paddocks fence or line which is ye bounds on ye north side to bound brook, the sd bound brook and well or spring being the bounds on the east side, and also one quarter part of my interest of the undivided Lands in sd Harwich (besides the above sd Sixteen acres given to my son Samuel,) and for the rest of my son Pauls land is in ye neck where he now dwells, and by me confirmed by Deed of Gift formerly, and my Will is that he shall yield to his mother, my wife, one third of the proffits or income of all I have given him, during her natural life, and that he shall pay to his two brothers Richard and Daniel, forty and four pounds in money towards the paying their purchases att Manamoy. My will further is that the Ditch which hath been the accustomed bounds in the in the marsh betwixt my son Paul, and my kinsman Josiah Sears shall remain for- ever; beginning southerly att ye upland and running straight northerly to the Creek which did run on ye north side of ye island, which creek shall be the north bounds: And my Will is, and I do give all that slip of meadow on the West side of ye sd ditch unto the said Josiah Sears, his heirs and assigns forever. It.- I do give and bequeath unto my son John Sears, and to his heirs and as- signs forever, all the rest of my Homestead, both housings, lands and meadows, also one quarter part of all my interest in the undivided lands in ye sd Harwich, excepting the sixteen acres before given to my son Saml.-he my sd son John allowing and yielding to his mother, my wife, the one third part of my Housing, and the third of the proffits of ye lands during her natural life, and he paying to his two brothers Richard and Daniel, forty and four pounds in mon- ey towards their purchase att Manamoy. It.- I do give and bequeath all my movable Estate as Cattle, sheep, horses, swine and household stuff &c, unto my loving wife Deborah, (my Debts and Funerall charges being first paid.) She shall have the rest for her comfort while she lives: and what she leaves at her death to be equally divided amongst my daughters to whom I have each of them given such parts or portions as I was able or thought fitt. Lastly,- I do nominate and appoint my sd son Saml Sears and my Loving Wife Deborah executors to this my last will and testament. In witness whereof, I have hereunto sett my hand and seal ye day and year in ye other side forst above written. Signed, sealed & declared in The mark and seal of presence of Paul (=) Sears, Senr. (seal) John Thacher Zachariah Paddock Samuel Howes Barnstable, ss. April 14, 1883. A true copy of the record, Attest, Freeman H. Lothrop, Register of Probate Court A true invnetory of all and Singular ye Goods, Chattels, Housing, Lands and Credits of Paul Sears, yeoman, deceased, prised at Yarmouth, ye 19th day of March 1708: By Peter Thacher & Kenelm Winslow, as followeth: L s d Impr. - his money L1 17 6 his apparel of all sorts 10 9 0 11 18 6 It.- Two feather beds, two other beds, bedstead, curtains and valence with bolsters, pillows, and all ye coverlids and sheets 21 13 6 It.- Table and chairs 1 4 0 andirons, trammels iron potts & pot hooks ................................................. 03 08 06 Tongs, & fire flue, iron kettles, skillets, frying pans ........ 03 02 06 It.- Brass kettle,warming pan,hitchell,stillyards,chest & boxes 02 06 00 It.- Spinning wheels 10s pewter platter, paltes cups & potts ... 01 17 00 It.- Koolers, pails, trays, trenches & spoons, table linen & towels .............................................. 01 02 00 It.- his saddle, bridle, pilyon, & cloth, flax & linen yarn .... 02 00 00 It.- Cash, candlestick, lamp, draving knife axes, sickle & hoes 00 17 00 A sifting trough, wool, five washing tubs knife, scissors, looking glass ................................................. 00 09 00 It.- Salt & feathers, and iron wedge, ye iron belonging to ye cart, and plows and spade a staple and cap ring, & caps & ring 02 19 00 It.- 4 bushels Rye, 24 of Indian, 3 of Wheat and 1/2 his books 05 00 00 Tobacco, 10s pitchforks, powder horn, bullets, and sword ..... 00 17 00 Grindstone, and tin ware, 2 oxen, 5 cows, 2 steers ........... 23 05 00 It.- 2 yearlings, a bull and one horse, 3 swine, 25 sheep .... 11 05 00 It.- his housing, lands, and meadows at 350 .................. 350 00 00 more about 3 acres of English corn upon ye ground not prised.______________ The total ................... 445 07 09 now due to ye Estate about ................................. 21 15 06 April 8th, 1708 Samuel Sears Executor to the last Will and Testament of Paul Sears of Yarmouth his deceased father, before Barnabas Lothrop, Esq., Judge of Probate and granting letters of Administration, within this County of Barnstable, made oath that the above written is a true Inventory of ye Estate of ye sd Paul Sears so far as he knows, and that if any thing else that is material shall yt farther come to his knowledge he will bring it to this Inventory. Attest Wm. Bassett, Reg. Peter Thacher Kenelm Winslow, Jun. Barnstable, ss. April 14, 1883. A true copy of the record. Attest, Freeman H. Lothrop, Register of Probate Court !MD 25, p.49 Maj William 2 Bradford's Confirmation of his mother's deed to Richard Sears with an autograph of John Alden. Widow Alice Bradford sold land on 23 November 1664 to Richard Sears of Yarmouth -To all people to whom these prnts shall come Major William Bradford of Plimoth in the Govrment of New Plimoth in New England Esqr... in consideration of ye sume of Twenty pounds to her in hand payd, by Richard Seers, his heires & Assigns for ever, two Allotments, of Land conteyning forty acres be they more, or be they lesse, lying and being at a place, comonly called Sesuit between a brooke comonly called & knowne, by the name of Bound Brooke,[boundary bewteen Dennis & Brewster ed.] and a brooke called Saquetuckett brooke, as also a crtyn tract of meadow to ye foresd Lotts appteyning, and are abutalled as p a deed of Feofement

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