Edward Foster, 1610

Edward /Foster/
Given names
Name prefix
Birth about 1610

MarriageLettice HanfordView this family
April 8, 1635 (aged 25 years)
Birth of a sonTimothy Foster
about 1638 (aged 28 years)
Marriage of a childTimothy FosterRuth TilestonView this family
October 13, 1663 (aged 53 years)
Death of a sonTimothy Foster
December 16, 1688 (aged 78 years)
Death of a wifeLettice Hanford
February 22, 1691 (aged 81 years)

Family with Lettice Hanford
Birth: about 1617 32 31Alverdiscott, Devonshire, England
Death: February 22, 1691Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
Marriage: April 8, 1635Scituate, Massachusetts, USA
4 years
Birth: about 1638 28 21Scituate, Massachusetts, USA
Death: December 16, 1688Dorchester, Massachusetts, USA
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Edward Foster, Lawyer, was one of the men of Kent, and settled in Kent street, at the corner near Satuit brook, 1633. He was freeman 1636. He had also sixty acres on the North river, between Annable's lot and Humphy Turner's lot, (now [1831] owned by John and Timothy Foster, near King's landing)."

Edward had practiced law in England before emigrating to New England, which he did before 1628, with the first of the 'Men of Kent,' who explored the lands around Satuit that year, if not a little earlier. He was assigned lands on the Second Cliff in 1633, also the first house lot on Kent Street south of Satuit Brook, upon which lot he built his house. He was the first lawyer in the settlement. In 1636 when the 'greate lottes' on the North River were granted to the first comers, Edward Foster received a lot of eighty acres, between that of Anthony Annabel on the east, and Humphery Turner on the west. Edward was constantly employed in public affairs. With Anthony Annable he was Deputy to the first Colony Court in 1639.

Edward was on the Plymouth a grand jury 7 Mar 1636/7; on a Plymouth jury 3 Jan 1636/7, 4 Sep 1638, and 3 Mar 1639. He was a member of the committee to assess charges for sending soldiers against the Pequots 7 Jun 1637; a Scituate member of colony committee to survey highways 5 Mar 1638/9; deputy for Scituate to the Plymouth General Court 4 Jun 1639, 2 Jun 1640, and 1 Jun 1641; and on the committee to lay out lands at Scituate 30 Nov 1640.

From Savage: "EDWARD, Scituate, came (early eno. to be tax. 2 Jan. 1633 by the Col. Court) from Co. Kent, says Deane; but I feel doubt of this, for his mo. was sis. of Timothy Hatherly, wh. he thinks was of Devon. Yet it may be that the sis. of Hatherly was mo. of his w. not of hims. She afterwards, not, as Deane thinks, first, m. Hanford, and was mo. of Rev. Thomas, came with two ds. in 1635, and here, not, as D. supposes, in Eng. m. Richard Sealis. Her s. was a lawyer, says D. freem. 1636, certain. a young man of good repute, for he was one of the found. of the ch. at S. 8 Jan. 1635, rep. 1639 and 40, tho. not elevat. as the histor. made out to be an Assist. of the Col. 1637; m. 8 Apr. 1635, Lettice Hanford, had Timothy, bapt. 7 Mar. 1636, bur. 5 Dec. 1637; Timothy, again, 22 Apr. 1638; d. soon; Timothy, again, b. 1640, and Elizabeth posthum. 1644, not, as Deane gives, 1645. In his will of 24 Nov. 1643, he provides for the unb. one, w. and s.; and in Feb. foll. his uncle Hatherly and f.-in-law Sealis, took the inv. See Geneal. Reg. IV. 281."

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