Cornelius Forehand, 16851728 (aged 43 years)

Cornelius /Forehand/
Given names
Birth about 1685
MarriageElizabeth View this family

Birth of a sonJohn Forehand
about 1709 (aged 24 years)

Birth of a sonCornelius Forehand
about 1710 (aged 25 years)

Birth of a sonJames Forehand
about 1715 (aged 30 years)

Birth of a sonThomas Forehand
about 1718 (aged 33 years)

Birth of a sonRichard Forehand
about 1720 (aged 35 years)

Death February 24, 1728 (aged 43 years)

Family with Elizabeth
Marriage Marriage
10 years
3 years
-9 years
6 years
Shared note

The recording of names in Ireland during the Middle Ages was an inconsistent endeavor at best. Since the general population did not know how to read or write, they could only specify how their names should be recorded orally. Research into the name Forehand revealed spelling variations, including Foran, Forhane, Forahan, Forhan, Foreham and many more.

First found in Connacht, where they were firstly known as Macgiollarnath or Mac Gilla na Naomh, meaning 'son of the devotee of the saints', which, through mistranslation and time emerged as an off-shoot of the main clan through a chieftain O'Fuarthain or O'Fuarain, which, in English, became Forehand.

Death and immigration greatly reduced Ireland's population in the 19th century. For the native Irish people poverty, hunger, and racial prejudice was common. Therefore, thousands left their homeland to seek opportunity in North America. Those who survived the journey and the quarantine camps to which they arrived, were instrumental towards building the strong developing nations of the United States and the future Canada. By far, the largest influx of Irish settlers occurred with Great Potato Famine during the late 1840s. These were employed as construction or factory workers. An examination of passenger and immigration lists has shown early immigrants bearing the name Forehand: Jno Forehead, who came to Virginia in 1653; Gillian Forehand, who arrived in Maryland in 1671; John Foran who settled in New York State in 1804;Patrick Forehan was a merchant in St. John's, Newfoundland in 1770.

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