Peter Phillip Schumacher, 16221707 (aged 85 years)

Peter Phillip /Schumacher/
Given names
Peter Phillip
Birth 1622 32 18
Death of a paternal grandmotherCatherine Dedenborn
1628 (aged 6 years)
MarriageSarah HendricksView this family
about 1640 (aged 18 years)
Birth of a daughterAnges Schumacher
1652 (aged 30 years)
Death of a fatherArnold Schumacher
1655 (aged 33 years)
Death of a motherAgnes Niegen Roesen
1655 (aged 33 years)

Death of a paternal grandfatherArndts Heinrich (Arnold) Schumacher
April 10, 1677 (aged 55 years)
Death of a wifeSarah Hendricks
about 1684 (aged 62 years)

Death of a daughterAnges Schumacher
February 7, 1704 (aged 82 years)
Death 1707 (aged 85 years)
Family with parents
Birth: 1590 30 25Dollendorf, Palatinate, Germany
Death: 1655Dollendorf, Palatinate, Germany
Birth: September 18, 1603 38 26Hammerstein, Loerrach, Baden, Germany
Death: 1655
Marriage: 1620Germany
3 years
Birth: 1622 32 18Kriegsheim, Germany
Death: 1707Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania, USA
Family with Sarah Hendricks
Birth: 1622 32 18Kriegsheim, Germany
Death: 1707Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania, USA
Birth: 1628Kriegsheim, Friesland, Netherlands
Death: about 1684
Marriage: about 1640Germany
13 years
Birth: 1652 30 24Kriegsheim, Pfalz, Germany
Death: February 7, 1704Wolfsheim, Baden, Germany
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Came to America in 1685 and settled in Germantown to William Penn's settlement. He was one of the earliest Mennonite preachers in Skippack, now Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. He and his brothers Martin and Jacob, were trustees of the venerable Mennonite church and its property on the Skippack, the oldest Mennonite church in America but one. They were devout followers of the teachings of Menno Simons. Another source says that Peter died in Germantown, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. Naturalizations, Germantown Pennsylvania March 7th, 1691/92 Transcribed by August 2002 Source: New World Immigrants Volume 1 page 434 By Tepper 1980 Peter Schumacher Peter Schumacher, Junr Isack Schumacher Jacob Schumacher Individual: --He was a Mennonite. --Source of information: Mary ; "THE SHOEMAKER FAMILY" "Peter Shoemaker, Sen., seems to have been a man of considerable importance in the town. In 1693, he was one of four persons who signed the certificate of Samuel Jennings, as a delegate from the Philadelphia Quarterly meeting to the yearly meeting at London. He died in Germantown in 1707, aged eighty-five years. Besides Peter, Jr. and his three daughters , Mary, Frances, and Gertrude, who accompanied him over, he had two others. The fifth child, a daughter, married Dielman Kolb . She died in 1705, aged fifty-three years, and is buried at Wolfsheim, in the Palatinate, never having emigrated. The issue of this Kolb marriage were Anne, Peter, Martin, Johannes, Dielman , and Henry, four of whom became Mennonite ministers, all but two eventually immigrating to this country. The name is usually now spelled Kulp. The sixth child of Peter Shoemaker, a daughter , married Reynier Hermans Van Burklow, who, in 1704, removed to Bohemia Manor, Cecil County, Maryland. Frances the second daughter, according to Abington Meeting Records, married, Fifth month 28th, 1690, Isaac Jacob. What became of the two remaining daughters is not known. This only leaves his son Peter, Jr., to be accounted for. Abington Meeting Records furnish the following:"Whereas Peter Shoemaker Jr and Margaret Op de Graeff both of Germantown in y'county of philadelphia, Haveing proceeded according to the good order used amongst friends; in declaring their intentions of marriage did upon the Sixth day of the Second Month 1697, At the publique meetinge house of friends in Germantown, accomplish their marriage, many friends being present as witnesses, some of which are underwritten. Peter Shewmaker Sen Jacob Shewmaker Harmon Op de Graeff Isaac Prise Jack Jacobus Aret Kenken Peter Clever, markX Francis Daniel Pastorius George Shewmaker Johannes Custis Thos Tustin & many others" PETER SCHUMACHER CAME TO America on the "Francis and Dorothy" 1685 from London, Richard Bridgeman, commander, arrived Philadelph ia, August 14, 1685. His son Peter, Mary his daughter, Sarah his cousin, Frances & Gertrude his daughters. GERMAN TOWN HISTORICAL FILE FOLDER B, SH 4, SHOEMAKER PETER SHOE MAKER, his son, Peter, three daughters and their counsin, Sarah , arrived in Philadelphia, 1685 and settled in Germantown. GENEOLOGY OF THE SHOEMAKER FAMILY OF CHELTONHAM by Benjamin Shoe maker, J. B. Lippincott Co., Philadelphia 1943 "On the Same ship were Gehard Hendrix---his servant, Heinrich Frey from Altheim in Alsace. Peter died 1707 in Germantown at age 85. WILLIAM PENN AND THE DUTCH QUAKERS MIGRATION TO PENNSYLVANIA, b y William I. Hull, Ph.D. F. R. Hist. S. Swarthmore College Monographs on Quaker History Page 178 - Germantown - "Brother City of the Germans" The pioneers of Krefeld and Krisheim were "Germans". Politically, Krefelders were subjects of the Prince of Orange (William III) while Krisheimers were ruled by Elector Palatine and both were constituent parts of the Holy Roman Empire. Subscription of friends - Abington Meeting Denis Kunders, Lenert Arets, Peter Shoemaker, Isaac Shoemaker, Jacob Shoemaker. About 1/3 of the way up the Rhine Valley from Rotterdam to Frankfurt and on the left bank 3 miles from the great river stands the modern city of Crefeld, at present (1935) of 130,000. WILLIAM PENN AND THE DUTCH QUAKERS, William I Hull Phh. D. f. R . Hist. S. , Swarthmore College Monographs on Quaker History Pieter Schumacher, the elder, of Krisheim from 1685 to Germantown , a teneant of Herman Isack (Op den Graeff) KOLB FAMILY HISTORY, DANIEL KOLB CASSEL, Norristown, Pa, Morgan R. Wills, Publisher, 1895, page 13 Peter Schumacher was a Mennonite. While living in Germantown he connected himself with the Society of Friends. He emigrated from Kriesheim (then written Krigsheim) a small village in the Palatinate (Pfaltz). By an agreement, made with Dirk Sipman, of Crefield, dated August 16, 1685, he was to proceed with the first good winds to Pennsylvania, and there receive 200 acres from Herman Op den Graeff , on which he should erect a dwelling and for which he should pay a rent of two rix (dollars) a year. The deed for the said 200 acres, from Sipman to Peter Schumacher, is written in the Dutch or Holland language, and is recorded in the Germantown book called the "Terrier" and is in the Recorder's office in Philadelphia. Page 14: Naturalized by William Penn in Germantown 7 May 1691. --Source of information: ; Lists the spelling of his last name as SHOEMAKER. Sources Title: Dated: 12 Nov 1999 Author: Micheal J. Godshalk 2217 Summit View Dr. Valerico, FL 33594 Publication: PRF CD 7 FHL BYU Title: Pedigree Resource File CD 7 Publication: (Salt Lake City, UT: Intellectual Reserve, Inc., 1999) Individual: The second family of the name to arrive was that of Peter Shoemaker. The "Pennsylvania Magazine," vol. Viii. P. 337, in a list of families who arrived in Philadelphia 1682-1687, says, "The Ffrancis and Dorothy from London , Richard Bridgeman Commander, arrived at Philadelphia the 16th of the 8th month 1685, among the passengers were Peter Shoemaker and Peter his son, Mary his daughter & Sarah his cousin, Frances and Gertrude his daughters." On the same ship were Gerhard Hendricks, with his wife Mary, his daughter Sarah (Sarah Hendricks later married Isaac, son of George and Sarah Shoemaker.), and his servant Heinrich Frey, the last named from Altheim, in Alsace. Judge Pennypacker says, -- "Peter Schumacher, an early Quaker convert from the Mennonites, is the first person definitely ascertained to have come from Kriegsheim. Fortunately we know under what auspices he arrived. By an agreement with Dirck Sipman, of Crefeld, dated August 16, 1685, he was to proceed with the first good wind to Pennsylvania, and there receive two hundred acres from Herman Op den Graeff, on which he should erect a dwelling, and for which he should pay a rent of two rix-dollars a year." Notes from the book, "Genealogy of the Shoemaker Family of Cheltenham, Penna" by Benjamin H. Shoemaker, 1903. Having settled in Germantown, Peter Schumacher soon became an active citizen, and at the same time an earnest member in the Society of Friends, and was one of the four persons who signed the certificate of Samuel Jennings, 1693, as a delegate from the Philadelphia Quarterly Meeting to the Yearly Meeting at London. Peter Schumacher died in Germantown in 1707, aged eighty-five years. His daughter Frances married, at Abington Meeting, 5 mo. 28, 1690, Isaac Jacob van Bebber. The daughters Mary and Gertrude are not known to have married. His son,Peter Shoemaker, Jr., was an active member of the Society of Friends, and also took a lively interest in the affairs of the town; under the Germantown Charter he was one of the Burgesses in 1696, 1704, and 1707. Notes from the book, "Genealogy of the Shoemaker Family of Cheltenham, Penna" by Benjamin H. Shoemaker, 1903.

Sources Title: Genealogy of the Shoemaker Family of Cheltenham, Penna Author: Benjamin H. Shoemaker Publication: 1903 Lippincott Philadelphia, PA search/4/data/129 Information from Van Bibber Pioneers newsletter, on line, Vol 2 #10 Excerpted from "From Kreigsheim to Pennsylvania" by Wilhelm Niepoth. In 1655, Agnes, the widow of Arnold Schumacher, came before the rent controller in the village of Dollendorf, near Lowenburg, in the Siebengebirge hills on the east bank of the Rhine, south of Cologne. The Schumachers were Menonites and were being forced to sell their land and move. She appointed Eithum, her son-in-law, as trustee for her sons Peter & George, both of age, and guardian for minors Arnold, Treinchen & Adelgen. Agnes was born Roesen. Arnold was the son of Agnes & Arnold, Adelgen was the daughter of Mathias Bonn, a son-in-law of Agnes, whose mother, name unknown and a sister of Peter, must have been dead. It is unknown what the exact relationship of Treinchen to Agnes was. The family moved to Mainz, where Agnes probably died, soon after 1655. They then moved to Kreigsheim, near Worms. By 1685, Peter's wife and his brother George had both died. Peter took his family, consisting of son Peter and daughters Mary, Frances & Gertrude, to America. They arrived in 1685 and settled in Germantown, Pa., where Peter died several years later. Another daughter, name unknown, the wife of Dielman Kolb, stayed behind in Germany, as did Peter's brother Arnold. According to "The Shoemaker Family" by Thomas H. Shoemaker, Peter and his family sailed from London on "Francis & Dorothy" on 8 mo: 14: 1685. The passenger list of that ship contains Peter Schumacher, son Peter, daughter Mary, cousin Sarah and daughters Frances & Gertrude. Peter had signed an agreement with Dirck Shipman of Krefeld before he left Germany, on August 16, 1685. It called for Peter to proceed to Pennsylvania and receive 200 acres from Herman Op den Graeff. He was to erect a dwelling on this land, which he apparently did. Peter died in Germantown in 1707 at 85 years of age. Peter Jr. married Margaret Op den Graeff on February 26, 1697. They had ten children, including Peter, Daniel, Isaac, John, Samuel and five daughters.

More About Peter Phillip Schumacher: Immigration: 12 Oct 1685, From Holland to Germantown, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania on the ship "Frances and Dorothy". Naturalization: 07 Mar 1692, Germantown, Pennsylvania. Occupation: Mennonite Minister. Religion: Mennonite who later united with the Friends.

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