Jeronimo (Hieronimo) Bassano, 14801545 (aged 65 years)

Jeronimo (Hieronimo) /Bassano/
Given names
Jeronimo (Hieronimo)
Birth about 1480 40
MarriageView this family

Death of a fatherSanto Bassano
1492 (aged 12 years)
Birth of a sonAntonio Bassano
about 1510 (aged 30 years)
Marriage of a childAntonio BassanoElena (Ellen) De NazziView this family
August 10, 1536 (aged 56 years)
Death about 1545 (aged 65 years)
Family with parents
Birth: 1440Bassano del Grappa, Italy
Death: 1492Bassano del Grappa, Italy
Marriage Marriage
Birth: about 1480 40Bassano del Grappa, Italy
Death: about 1545Venice, Italy
Jeronimo (Hieronimo) Bassano + … …
Birth: about 1480 40Bassano del Grappa, Italy
Death: about 1545Venice, Italy
Marriage Marriage
Birth: about 1510 30Bassano del Grappa, Italy
Death: October 19, 1574London, England
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Jeronimo Bassano was an instrument maker and sackbut player to the Doge of Venice. He made wind instruments. The village of Bassano del Grappa is roughly 35 miles to the northeast of Venice. The noted artist Jacopo Bassano came from there too. Jeronimo Bassano was head of the family of musicians who moved to England before 1540. Many believe that the members of this family were originally Jewish and had dark complexions because they had Moorish ancestry. Many researchers believe that this family had come from Spain to Italy. It is believed that Jeronimo Bassano himself remained in Italy when his sons moved to England. The noted librarian and historian Stephen W. Massil, who is associated with the Jewish Historical Society of England, on 16-OCT-2003 pointed out to the author of this webpage an article by Alessio Ruffati which offers strong evidence that the Bassano family of Italy was not Jewish. This article is listed in the bibliography. The Italian name Jeronimo is the same as our Geronimo or Jerome. It is the same name as Hieronymous also. One internet source which is unverified suggests that an older Jeronimo Bassano changed to Christianity before he moved from Spain to Italy. His original name is believed to have been Joshua ben Joseph ibn Vives al-Lorqui and his original Christian name is believed to have been Hieronymus de Santa Fe. While the source indicates that it is certain that this is not the Jeronimo Bassano whose sons moved to England, it may be that that Jeronimo is a descendant of the first. One source indicates that the father of Jeronimo Bassano may have been named Santo Bassano who may have been born about 1440 in Bassano.

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Italian musician. Jeronimo Bassano is noteworthy for having been head of a family of Italian musicians--Anthony <../IVM/BassanoAnth.html>, Jacomo <../IVM/BassanoJacomo.html>, Alvise <../IVM/BassanoAlvise.html>, Jasper <../IVM/BassanoJasper.html>, John <../IVM/BassanoJohn.html> and Baptista <../IVM/BassanoBaptista.html>--who moved from Venice to England and the household of Henry VIII to serve the court. Jeronimo himself never moved, however, but was listed in Venice as a "Maestro of the trumpets and shawms." It is not known whether he was related to the composer Giovanni Bassano <Bassano.html>, but it seems more than possible.