Christian Speers, 16651690 (aged 25 years)

Christian /Speers/
Given names
Birth about 1665
MarriageView this family
between 1685 and 1690 (aged 25 years)
Birth of a sonPeter Abraham (Abram) Speers
September 12, 1690 (aged 25 years)
Death after 1690 (aged 25 years)
Christian Speers + … …
Birth: about 1665Ireland
Death: after 1690Germany
Marriage: between 1685 and 1690Germany
6 years
Birth: September 12, 1690 25Grossburgess, Brandenburg, Prussia, Germany
Death: after 1731Rostraver, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA
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As a young man, Christian Speers went to London to take ship to America where some of his cousins had migrated. While waiting for passage at the dock, he was caught by the "Press Gang" and forced into the British Army. His first opportunity to desert came when the army went into France. Being a Protestant, he was able to lose himself among the persecuted Huguenots who befriended him. Christian joined the French Huguenots and became associated with the Reasoner and Froman families in France and Germany. Later in America, descendants of the three families intermarried. Christian married a French Protestant girl in France. They had one son.