Garrett Reisoneur, 16601700 (aged 98 years)

Garrett /Reisoneur/
Given names
Birth 1660
MarriageMarie BaronessView this family

Birth of a sonChristopher Reasoner
about 1690 (aged 30 years)
Birth of a sonStephen Reasoner
about 1695 (aged 35 years)
Birth of a sonNicholas Reasoner
about 1697 (aged 37 years)
Death of a wifeMarie Baroness
between 1700 and 1764 (aged 104 years)

Marriage of a childNicholas ReasonerMary FromanView this family
1733 (aged 73 years)
Death between 1700 and 1758 (aged 98 years)

Family with Marie Baroness
Birth: about 1697 37 27Alsace, Germany
Death: 1771Patterson Creek, Hampshire, Virginia, USA
-6 years
Birth: about 1690 30 20Germany
Death: 1797Duchess Co., New York, USA
6 years
Shared note


Changed the spelling from the French "Rezner" to the German "Reasoner" Variations of the name are Reznor and Rezner (original spellings), Raisonneur and Reisoneur.

Came to Germany in 1685 Came to USA abt 1720

Garrett is said to have come from France in 1685 after Louis XIV revoked the Edict of Nantes, an edict issued by Henry IV of France in 1598, granting religious freedom and political equalityto the Huguenots. This revocation was a sentence of civil death on them all, it crushed more than half the commercial and manufacturing industry of the kingdom.

Garret was a teacher in France in 1685 when the protestants found it necessary to flee from the county due to the revoking of the Edict of Nantes, which gave political equality to the protestants and the catholics. With Peter Froman and others he fled to Germany and settled along the Rhine River near Heidelburg and Strassburg.

The descendants of Garret, Peter Froman, and Henry Speers came together in America in 1738 and intermarried several times.