Jacob Gehman, 18271905 (aged 78 years)

Jacob /Gehman/
Given names
Name prefix
Birth May 5, 1827 43 38
Death of a paternal grandmotherEva Bauer
December 1827 (aged 6 months)

MarriageBarbara AngenyView this family
October 2, 1849 (aged 22 years)

Birth of a sonAbraham Gehman
August 26, 1850 (aged 23 years)
Birth of a sonJacob Gehman
March 24, 1852 (aged 24 years)
Birth of a daughterElizabeth Gehman
January 19, 1854 (aged 26 years)
Birth of a sonMenno S. Gehman
May 17, 1856 (aged 29 years)
Birth of a daughterFrances G. (Fannie) Gehman
February 19, 1858 (aged 30 years)
Birth of a daughterRachel Gehman
February 17, 1860 (aged 32 years)
Death of a fatherAbraham Gehman
April 29, 1860 (aged 32 years)

Death of a daughterElizabeth Gehman
October 20, 1860 (aged 33 years)

Death of a sonJacob Gehman
October 26, 1860 (aged 33 years)

Birth of a daughterSarah Gehman
October 10, 1862 (aged 35 years)
Death of a motherMary Funk
April 3, 1863 (aged 35 years)

Birth of a sonSamuel Gehman
July 6, 1864 (aged 37 years)
Birth of a daughterLillie A. Gehman
April 15, 1868 (aged 40 years)
Birth of a daughterEmma B. Gehman
September 27, 1870 (aged 43 years)
Birth of a sonBenjamin F. Gehman
August 1, 1873 (aged 46 years)
Birth of a daughterMary Anna Gehman
August 6, 1877 (aged 50 years)
Marriage of a childSamuel HorningFrances G. (Fannie) GehmanView this family
October 31, 1878 (aged 51 years)
Death November 2, 1905 (aged 78 years)
Family with parents
Marriage MarriageJanuary 19, 1809
19 years
Family with Barbara Angeny
Marriage MarriageOctober 2, 1849
9 years
Birth: February 19, 1858 30 26Bucks Co., Pennsylvania, USA
Death: April 17, 1932Marion Co., Oregon, USA
-8 years
Birth: August 26, 1850 23 18Bucks Co., Pennsylvania, USA
19 months
Birth: March 24, 1852 24 20Bucks Co., Pennsylvania, USA
Death: October 26, 1860
22 months
Birth: January 19, 1854 26 22Bucks Co., Pennsylvania, USA
Death: October 20, 1860
2 years
Birth: May 17, 1856 29 24Bucks Co., Pennsylvania, USA
4 years
Birth: February 17, 1860 32 28Bucks Co., Pennsylvania, USA
3 years
Birth: October 10, 1862 35 31Fayette Co., Iowa, USA
21 months
Birth: July 6, 1864 37 32Fayette Co., Iowa, USA
4 years
Birth: April 15, 1868 40 36Fayette Co., Iowa, USA
3 years
Birth: September 27, 1870 43 39Fayette Co., Iowa, USA
3 years
Birth: August 1, 1873 46 41Fayette Co., Iowa, USA
4 years
Birth: August 6, 1877 50 45Fayette Co., Iowa, USA
Shared note


Jacob Gehman was born in Springfield township, Bucks Co., Pa., May 5, 1827; died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Rachel Smith, near Hope, Kans. Nov. 2, 1905, aged 78y., 5m., 27d. The rest of his earthly record may be briefly stated as follows: He united with the Mennonite church in 1841, was married in 1849 to Barbara Angeny, who survives him; was father to twelve children, ten living; moved with his family to Fayette Co., Iowa, since which time he has lived in Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, and Kansas, having lived in or near Olathe, Kans., most of the time during the last ten or twelve years. Bro. Gehman has always been steadfast in defense of the Mennonite faith. Although he lived away from the church of his choice most of his life, he always took a great interest in her welfare, tried to build up the church wherever he went, and never missed an opportunity to speak in defense of the doctrine. During the greater part of his life he had been in robust health; but the last few years gave evidence that age was beginning to tell on him. His last ailment was something akin to cancer, which to some extent affected his entire system. He bore all his sufferings patiently, kept going until within a few weeks before his death, and his last days of consciousness were devoted to scripture admonitions, prayer and meditation. He died with full hope of eternal rest, with a number of his children by his bedside. Funeral services at Olathe, Kans., were conducted by I.B. Christ of the Brethren church. Text Gen. 3:19. May God comfort the bereaved. He was a farmer. His religion was Mennonite. He lived in Springfield Twp., Bucks Co., PA. He lived in Gage Co., NE.


Jacob Gehman was born in Springfield Twp., Bucks Co., Pa., May 5, 1827; died Nov. 2, 1905, at the age of 78 Y., 5 M., 27 D., at the home of his daughter, Rachel Smith, near Hope, Kan. He was married to Barbara Angeny, Oct. 2, 1849. To them were born twelve children, ten of whom are living. Five of his children were with him during his last days on earth, and they, with the bereft wife, two sons-in-law and one daughter-in-law, were present when the last sad rites were performed. Funeral services a the Brethren church in Olathe, Kan., were conducted by Bro. I. H. Christ. Text, "Dust thou art, and unto dust thou shalt return" (Gen. 3:19). Interment was made at the Olathe cemetery. The first of this family to be laid to rest for forty-four years. He brought up his family in the fear of the Lord, and they all to-day, from a full heart, feel grateful for his teachings. He was a member of the Mennonite church since the age of sixteen, ever faithful to his convictions of the truth, and wherever he went he testified for the Lord. He was a subscriber and an earnest reader of the Herald of Truth since the date of its first publication. All his life he enjoyed good health, but began to fail perceptibly in the last six months. He was bedfast for three and one-half weeks before his death. He suffered a good deal at times, but was so quiet and patient through it all, that no one could tell how much he bore. A physician was called in and all that loving hands could do, was done for him. He was grateful for the ministrations, yet his greatest desire was to depart and be at rest. He had visions of the other shore, which, though his watchers could not behold, they knew were beckoning him over. Our hearts are wrung with grief, still it is blessed to know that his life, so full of disappointments here below, is at last made perfect in the home where sorrows never come.